SafeTAG - Rapid Safety Action, Simplified
Protect Employees And Meet Your Duty Of Care Obligations
Multichannel Communications Integrated For Personalised Action
Control The Narrative For Diverse Stakeholders
Dashboard - Integrations To Provide Rapid Data-Driven Responses
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Why Choose SafeTAG

The team at RaiseDM developed SafeTAG to improve the care of employees, volunteers, isolated workers, people working off-site remotely, contractors, or anyone operating in, or travelling to a high risk environment.
Safe Tap And Go (SafeTAG) is a secure, reliable emergency communication and safety solution for teams and organisations. It enables you to remove the siloed platforms that make workforce safety communication disjointed, inefficient and slow.

Lone and remote work safety management is enhanced with Safe Tap And Go (SafeTAG).  The SafeTAG mobile application is easy to download on all types of devices and integrates seamlessly with a management dashboard.If an incident or emergency occurs, employees, management and emergency responders have a secure communication system at their fingertips to quickly communicate and manage all risks.
On a daily basis, employees working in high risk situations have assurance that personally selected contacts can immediately be notified should an incident or accident occur, hastening the response and leading to improved outcomes.

Benefits of SafeTAG

Enhance management of remote and solo workers

Improve WHS compliance and mitigation of risks

Provide peace of mind to remote and isolated employees and management

Access data and communication records from crisis and emergency situations easily

Increase speed and relevance of crisis and emergency response and communications by removing the siloes

Improve remote management and situation awareness of off-site and isolated workers

  • Know where employees are.
  • Know they are safe.
  • Contact them during any emergency.
  • Communicate regarding safety related matters.
  • Control an emergency, gather intel from front line workers and share information to help guide workers in their response.
  • Increase connectivity between WHS Officers, Supervisors and teams.