Effectively manage the risks associated with your remote, lone and onsite workers and take rapid safety action when incidents and emergencies occur.

Safety Action Simplified

SafeTag is a secure, reliable emergency communication and safety solution for teams and organisations.

SafeTag can be used in all kinds of workplaces and especially those operating in high-risk industry sectors such as:

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Healthcare and community services
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport

And in environments where workers are dispersed geographically such as schools and universities.

Why Choose SafeTag?

SafeTag’s mobile app and management hub enables real-time supervision and greater visibility when teams are working remotely, onsite or in isolation.

Should an incident or emergency situation occur, business leaders, teams and emergency responders are able to effect real-time, two-way communications with staff who may be impacted, so as to manage their safety and reduce risk.

SafeTag is also suitable for use as a personal duress app, supporting individuals who may live or work alone, to stay safe and connected with family, friends and carers.


The user has control over the information they share. Individual privacy is protected because the app doesn’t track users’ every move. Their GPS location is only sent if an emergency is activated, or they fail to tag-in when expected. Safe Tag messages are encrypted both at transfer and at rest.


Users can save settings for repeat use and create different alert messages to help contacts understand the issue. Businesses and organisations can tailor workplace safety documents and broadcasts. We work with organisations to customise Safe Tag.   

Remote Worker Safety

The workforce is changing globally with more people working remotely. Protect your remote and lone workers with Safe Tag. Respond quickly to emergencies or locate people if needed. Be alerted even if they are out of range or their phone battery dies.

Team Safety

The Safe Tag CEC – Crisis & Emergency Communications – dashboard, enables team leaders, security managers and first responders to manage individual and group safety from one central, cloud-based dashboard. Broadcasts can be sent and alerts received.   

WHS Compliance Checklist

Workplace health and safety laws requires you to manage and reduce risks for your workers. SafeWork Australia details that you must always aim to eliminate the risk. Safe Tag helps you comply with your legal responsibilities as an employer, meet Workplace Health & Safety Regulations & the Hierarchy of Controls in the following areas:


Effective communication (section 48)


Ensure they can access the assistance of emergency services (section 48)


An effective response to an emergency (section 43)


Evacuation procedures (section 43)


Notifying emergency service organisations at the earliest opportunity (section 43)


Medical treatment and assistance (section 43)


Effective communication to coordinate the emergency response (section 43)

Read more in an article written by workplace health & safety expert and Safe Tag founder, Amanda Karpeles BA LLB MHsc (Dist.).

SafeTag Use Cases

Read below some of the potential scenarios where SafeTag can be used.
The possibilities are endless.

We will work with your organisation to tailor the software to suit your needs and requirements.

Risk Management

Move all your Emergency Response Plans, checklists, evacuation maps, WHS and other documents onto Safe Tag and into the hands of your staff.

Make safety protocols easier to locate and use at the time of an emergency.

Use the dashboard to broadcast instructions in real time. Users can refer to these documents during an emergency to help them move more quickly to safety. 

Intruder Alerts

Use SafeTag and the RAISE CEC Dashboard in the event of an intruder, security threat or other major crisis.

Immediately send notifications to all relevant staff, building managers, security and emergency responders. Lock down the building, or request immediate evacuation.

Provide instantaneous updates to mobile phones (with sound optionally turned off) and receive TaG timer messages from individuals, enabling two-way communication.

View all communication on one centralised dashboard, enabling more effective decision-making during a crisis.

Accidents & Medical Emergencies

The RAISE CEC system is especially useful in accidents, medical emergencies and other workplace incidents.

Users can immediately declare an emergency, notify managers and their team and gain access to help sooner.

First aid notes are provided via the library of articles, or via push messages.

If employees or contractors are working remotely offsite, they can be located via GPS, enabling ambulance or other health practitioners to locate and provide proper medical assistance as quickly as possible.

Fire & Emergency Evacuations

Instantly notify all members of your team or company to evacuate, regardless of location, with specific broadcast instructions, maps and protocol to start their TaG timer. 

Fire Wardens can account for everyone on your list at the assigned meeting point by everyone taking responsibility to tag in and confirm they have arrived and safe.

Missing individuals can be quickly identified by their failure to tag in, and located via GPS.

Dangerous Personal Situations & Family Protection

The SafeTag app is not just a workplace safety app. It can be used in dangerous home or personal situations, or to protect your loved ones when you can’t be with them.

Some use cases include victims of domestic violence; blind dates; school excursions or tours; unsupervised children or teenagers; walking home or travelling on public transport late at night; caring for the elderly, disabled or infirm. 

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