About Us

RaiseDM is an innovative Australian technology company that has developed a world class application called SafeTAG. In 2018, Co-founders Amanda Karpeles and Ash Raina joined together to develop digital solutions that would enable organisations to take rapid, relevant safety action in a crisis or emergency and reduce the risk associated with people working in remote and dynamic environments. SafeTAG has been developed based on:

  • extensive occupational health and safety research and insights
  • 20+ years of legal practice in WHS
  • 20+ years experience developing easy to use technology solutions that drive efficiency in operations. 

As a lawyer of 20+ years in the space of WHS and injury law, co-founder Amanda Karpeles witnessed businesses spend considerable sums of money on safety, only for safety to become increasingly siloed from the people it was designed to protect.  It was often seen as just another task that had to be done. Having seen and forensically examined over 4000 workplace injuries and deaths, Amanda came to understand the majority of incidents are caused or aggravated by poor safety related behaviours due to inherently poor communication. When staff are isolated or working remotely, this is compounded rapidly. 

With the goal of solving this issue in mind, Amanda started working on a technology solution that would be easy to use and up to date to enable employers to deliver safety communications and instructions or and providing the tools to help them stay safe even when the phones are down. SafeTAG provides a secure space for genuine two-way safety communication to give situational awareness. This is the primary purpose of SafeTAG.

Amanda has a Bachelor of Arts & Law – Majors in Law & Psychology. 20+ Year Legal Career, Partner in a national law firm specialising in WHS. Previous Owner of AK Compensation Lawyers  ILP
Masters in Health Science with Distinction (OHS)

Bachelor of Engineering CS, Expert in handling global teams in Waterfall and Agile  methodology,  full-stack  development as well as handling International Software Sales. 
Director of KPPro

20+ Years  Global  finance  experience  in MNC’s,CFO, Controllership, FP&A, M&A and BD experience BD experienceFinancial Advisory, Analysis, Planning, Reporting

Board of Advisors

  • Steve Copplin – Queensland Leaders
  • Bob Bishop – Azentro
  • Robert Van Raay – Assured Valuations
  • Bob Hennessy – Aligned Equity (ex CIO Lendlease)

Once you have decided to implement SafeTAG, we will work alongside you to assist with on boarding and training  how to use the app and dashboard. The support we offer is tailored to the needs of your organisation to ensure our solution integrates with your existing work, health and safety processes and procedures.