Your questions answered.

Q: How do I start using SafeTAG?
A: Ask for a free trial, contact us through our website or via email at, you will need to tell us if it is for work, private or a group and how many users will be testing SafeTag. Provide your contact details. We will get in touch to help set you up and get you started. When ready, go to Google Play or the App store, type in SafeTAG CEC. Tap install. Register an account, select and set up your first contact and have them do the same. Then you are right to go.

Q: How many people need to sign up for us to use SafeTAG?
A: Once you have installed SafeTAG you will need at least one primary safety contact. Set them as App Administrator Contact. You can have any number that you choose.

Q: How will we be onboarded?
A: Once you have been in touch, we will explain the process according to your needs. Enterprise level businesses will have a customer support person allocated to ensure you are set up correctly to get the most from SafeTAG. All other businesses will be provided online support and we will step you through the process. For individuals we will answer questions via email and will provide online resources according to need.

Q: What devices does SafeTAG work on?
A: SafeTAG works on Android and Apple mobile phones and tablets. The dash is a web-based dash that can be accessed from a desktop or mobile.

Q: How much of my battery will get used by SafeTAG?
A: All timers are designed to conserve battery. The only significant use of the battery is in alert mode and FollowMe. Here alerts get sent every 2 minutes for the first half hour and then slow down to conserve battery. The other function that consumes more battery is the Follow Me function, when using this we recommend using a battery pack if using SafeTag for a prolonged time in this mode.

Q: Who do I contact for technical issues with the app? Is there an email and contact number for technical issues?

Q: Can we use SMS for notifications too? Is it charged extra?
A: You need to register with us and pay a deposit for SMS subscriptions. Please contact us at

Q: Trouble shooting, if you can’t start or stop a timer. Occasionally when you have an upgrade to your phones operating system or other significant upgrade security tokens can become broken and need to be reset.
A: Log out and log back in. If this does not resolve the issue, uninstall the App and reinstall it. It that does not resolve the issue, please get in contact with us: