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Discover the features of the SafeTaG Critical Incident and Personalised Emergency Communication solution

SafeTag’s mobile app and management hub enables real-time supervision and greater visibility when teams are working remotely, onsite or in isolation. Should an incident or emergency situation occur, business leaders, teams and emergency responders are able to effect real-time, two-way communications with staff who may be impacted, so as to manage their safety and reduce risk.

SafeTag is also suitable for use as a personal duress app, supporting individuals who may live or work alone, to stay safe and connected with family, friends and carers.

Improve protection of solo workers

Check in timers and / or Follow Me for risky activity:

If you or your employees are working solo, in a high-risk or isolated work environment, a check-in timer can be set. These can be stored for repeated or long term use.

This checks you in and starts a countdown timer to cover the duration of your work session. The timer will count down to zero, starting from your nominated time. At any time, you can tap the timer to cancel or re-set or check out. If you do not check out, the timer will continue to count down and if the timer expires without being extended, an alert will automatically be raised.

You will receive a warning push message at “2 minutes to go”, and you can reset the time, cancel the timer or check out. If the timer expires, SafeTaG will raise an alert, sharing your location, ID and your activity message with your customised contact(s).

For those few moments when you feel unsafe or if the risk increases, tap the FollowMe icon and immediately share your GPS location with a message asking your contact to Follow you for the next few minutes. If you fail to tap in SafeTaG will raise an alert on your behalf.

Users are free to set any combination and multiple timers to suit their work day in advance or on the go.


Customisable notifications, check lists, safety information and first aid notes

Users can save settings for repeat use and create different alert messages that best suit the activity, risk or incident that presents. Businesses and organisations can tailor workplace safety documents and broadcasts such as safety information and first aid notes.


SOS Alert

If you or another person’s personal safety is at risk or an incident occurs, tap the SOS button to prime, then any second tap will create an Emergency alert. You can nominate the nature of the alert to help inform first responders, it reads SOS activated & turns red when activated. Importantly you don’t have to wait for a countdown to activate. To cancel the alert, tap the top SOS activated button. It will return to its inactive state.

When the emergency button is activated, your organization\’s response team or third party responders will follow your agreed plan and will respond to your location. The response will be customised depending on your organisation and there are some specific alerts with related responses set up in SafeTaG to help with managing the situation.

Regardless of the alert-type raised you will always have the option to call emergency services directly using 112 (Ambulance, Fire, Police) in combination with activating an SOS to your organisation.


Roll Call

Roll-call functionality enables real time sharing of information from the front line to the group manager. In any alert this gives genuine situational awareness and allows personalised supervision. You can easily find all employees, they can share images and information with gps to inform managers what they are observing, managers can interpret and share relevant information to help guide your team’s response when an incident occurs.



SafeTaG supports discreet notifications about emergencies or incidents that can be sent to everyone or to customised groups, depending on the situation. When a notification comes through to the app, the phone will emit a loud sound and it will buzz.


Management Dashboard

The management dashboard is the central communications hub for managing an incident or an emergency. It enables visibility of remote workers who have GPS tracked alerts turned on. The dashboard stores data from incidents that can be used for compliance management and reporting and continual learning.

Customisable broadcast and emergency messaging templates are enabled in the dashboard so that if an incident occurs, communication is clear and consistent and ready for rapid deployment.

Roll call and data reports can be exported and shared with emergency responders to help triage and guide priorities.


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