Kurt Alexander - Founder/CEO - Quick Safety Pty Ltd

After having just gone through a demo of the SafeTaG system, it a pleasure to know that there are people out there making a complete safety alert system that is easy to use! The benefits of this product are applicable to the smallest of companies/councils to Oil & Gas Infrastructure. Brilliant system SafeTaG, keep up the great work!!

Chris Devine - Engineer, Industrial Control and Electrical

Amanda and Ash took the time to explain the motivation and use of SafeTag to me recently. They have identified a genuine need for a solution to communicate quickly and clearly with remote workers, in an emergency situation. As they were talking about what SafeTag offered I was piecing together in my mind the existing methods and tools by which a similar functionality could be achieved.

I began to realise that the strength of SafeTag was that firstly, each communication tool was functionally better than what was currently available and second, that all of the tools were integrated into the one package yielding simpler business roll out and less training. Of course the ability to control and view communications via the web dashboard demonstrates the fact that SafeTag is a real business grade product.

Springboard Enterprises

Amanda is a strong leader with good knowledge of the industry. Safe Tag are adapting to modern workplace trends which is a global, remotely distributed workforce.

Springboard Enterprises – Accelerator program for high-growth tech companies led by women, Remote & Isolated Worker Safety Trend

Community Support Centre Innisfail, Inc

Staff tap in when they start an activity and tap out when they finish. SafeTag ensures they don’t get over looked if they don’t tap out.


Stacey Cook - Field Scientist, University of Queensland

I was driving at 4 am in a remote location and no-one knew were I was when I had a car accident. Although I wasn’t hurt – I immediately I felt a huge and physical sense of relief as I had set my SafeTag timer and immediately thought – if it had been worse at least they would know I did not make it back and where to find me.

Tully Support Centre Inc

There have been a number of instances where Safetag was activated due to a staff member being overdue. The location function allowed us to quickly determine that the staff member was safe and on route. The Safetag app improves our situational awareness of staff in the field and allows us to better respond if there is an issue. In addition, it also allows us to increase the efficiency of the use of our work vehicles, by being able to estimate the arrival time of staff, and ensure that there is decreased down time between one staff member returning and another going on outreach.

John Ralph - Business Owner - Ascent Fitness, Ultramarathon Event Management

In the 100km Great Lonnie Stomp marathon walk, we were able to register all event entrants on the dashboard and broadcast messages during the event. Fortunately there were no emergencies, but the fact that we could have mobilised and quickly found people if needed, who were walking through the bush and sometimes after dark, was reassuring for participants.


Chris Pickering - Outdoor Fitness Enthusiast, Personal Safety

Cheapest life insurance ever! 

Fiona Bonnyman - French Teacher, Tintern Grammar Melbourne, Overseas School Trip
I’m using it in France and even though I have no French SIM card and I have had my phone set to ‘Flight Mode’ the entire time we’ve been in France, it is sending alerts to other Australian SIM phones that are also set to ‘Flight Mode’.
We have a group of students with us and initially set up a Facebook Messenger group so we could check in on our kids as they are all separate from us in host families. Already this is not working well as the kids sometimes fail to remember to check in or just get busy with their host families. Then we frantically have to message all the others to see if anyone has been in contact on social media.
With SafeTAG the alert shows us their location whether they check in back at home or not. So we can confirm their arrival home to their French addresses and (when confirmed) turn off Alerts at our end.
It is incredibly useful as a teacher on a school trip overseas. I think the app is incredibly useful in school contexts… for school trips or even just day excursions. Especially with the ever-increasing requirements of Duty of Care.

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