Sectors We Serve

Do you need to manage communication and safety for:

  • Intruder alerts
  • Sports accidents and injuries
  • Fire or safety threats
  • Excursions and Incursions
  • On premises crowd control
  • Federal requirements against terror threats

SafeTAG can help to:

  • Communicate activity
  • Activate customised SOS so all relevant staff are notified about an intruder
  • Enable staff to share essential information including images from their location to help responders understand the situation
  • Enable roll call with gps of all staff to help with visibility
  • Group messaging to help execute situational relevant lock downs and evacuations
  • Provide specific information to help emergency responders manage the incident

Do you need to manage

  • Lone or solo workers attending isolated locations

SafeTAG can help to

  • Supervise and support in real time
  • Communicate activity
  • Check-ins during any activity
  • Follow Me for risky moments
  • Message and support during incident or emergency situation
  • Situational awareness relevant to the person, role and context

Do you need to manage

  • Concerns for safety of a remote workforce
  • Communication and activity
  • Working in dynamic or high risk situations
  • Peace of mind for solo or isolated workers

SafeTAG can help to

  • Communicate activity
  • Improve visibility of location and status of remote workers
  • Be notified of staff concerns with Follow Me for risky moments
  • Be aware when staff have not checked in so they don’t get overlooked
  • Quickly allow alerts to be raised with appropriate contacts when an incident or emergency occurs
  • Inform regarding the nature of the alert to help first responders with situational awareness

We’ve been supporting clients in north Queensland to manage the safety of their lone and isolated workers with our tailored solutions.